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Teaching Youth Entrepreneurial Skills
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"IP" Intellectual Property

Lesson Plan Outlines Instructors are to choose the activities which fit the make-up of the class and grade level you are instructing. All of the activities can help the students to understand the basics of business, yet are rigorous enough to challenge them to think critically using math, reading, analytical and writing skills. Lesson by Lesson Guide Lesson One: Introduction to Business and Tech in the 21 Century Lesson Two Researching and Developing and Idea for Your Business Lesson Three Writing the Business Plan – One Pager Lesson Four Personnel – Developing your team and team dynamics Lesson Five Finances Applying the industry specific financials to your plan. Understanding how and if your numbers make sense. Lesson Six Developing a full-fledged Business Plan Lesson Seven Communications Elevator Pitch – developing one and understanding its significance Formal presentations Lesson Eight Review lessons 1-7 and addressing challenges Lesson Nine Finalizing and Practicing your presentation Lesson Ten Presenting the Plan prior to the competition

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